Learn What’s Changing and What’s Not

Here is an overview of the internal membership rules and the negotiated agreements now available for members to work in intimate theater in Los Angeles County:

Los Angeles 99-Seat Agreement. This is a collective bargaining agreement available to be negotiated with producers for productions in theaters of 99 seats or fewer. The Agreement provides no restrictions on budget, length of the rehearsal period, ticket price or length of the performance run. The Agreement would provide for salary payments based on the legally-mandated minimum wage in Los Angeles County with minimum call requirements, but with no pension or health benefit payments required. The Agreement would require future rights based on the terms of the subsequent Equity collective bargaining agreement and would also require basic workplace standards.

Small Professional Theatre Agreement (“SPT”). The SPT Agreement, which has long been available in other parts of the country, is now permitted for productions in Los Angeles County in venues with a capacity up to 349 seats. There is no budget cap per production, no limitation on the length of the rehearsal period and no restriction on the length of the performance run. The Agreement provides for salary payments ranging from $236 to $799 per week, based on the maximum number of weekly performances, with pension and health contributions required. The Agreement requires future rights based on the producer’s involvement with any subsequent production and also requires basic workplace standards.

Hollywood Area Theatre Agreement (“HAT”). The HAT is an existing collective bargaining agreement for use in Los Angeles Theatres of 349-599 seats. There is no budget cap per production and no restriction on the length of a performance run. Productions may rehearse for no fewer than 2 ½ weeks. The Agreement provides for salaries between $495 to $773 per week and is based on a 5-performance week (up to 3 additional performances may be purchased), with salary increases every 20th week of employment. The Agreement requires pension and health benefit payments, future rights based on the producer’s involvement with any subsequent production, and requires basic workplace standards. The HAT Agreement is an all-Equity agreement.

Los Angeles 50-Seat Showcase Code. Equity created this internal union membership rule to allow members to work without the requirement of an Equity contract in theaters with 50 seats or fewer, where the budget for the production does not exceed $20,000, for up to 16 performances. For use by a producing organization up to three times per season, this code puts LA in alignment with other areas of the country. The Showcase Code provides for reimbursement of actual expenses, favored nations compensation and future rights for actors in subsequent productions.

Los Angeles Membership Company Rule. This new internal union membership rule allows any Equity member to participate with any approved membership company as long as that company was in existence as of Feb. 6, 2015, had registered their company by April 1, 2015, and had previously produced under the prior 99-Seat Theatre Plan. This internal union membership rule allows Equity members to participate in approved membership companies without the requirement of an Equity contract. Members may negotiate their own compensation, expense reimbursement and other working conditions. The rule may not be used for co-productions or partnerships with another entity that is not an approved membership company.

Los Angeles Self-Produced Project Code. This is an internal union membership rule allowing Equity members to collaborate as a group to self-produce theater without the requirement of an Equity contract.